The name Noook was formed from English word nook. Noook is the collection of privacy-encouraging office furniture intended to provide a creative solution that allows businesses to maintain popular open space design while respecting people's need for occasional privacy or closeted intimate communication. Its high back shares a sense of seclusion while also allowing acoustic control, that’s why Noook sofa is such a useful piece of furniture both for meetings or individuals looking for a place of peace and quiet. Noook sofas provide an ideal seat for formal and informal uses.




Metal, upholstery



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Noook 1 2200 mm

Noook 1 1600 mm

Noook 1 1140 mm

Noook 2 2200 mm

Noook 2 1600 mm

Noook 2 1140 mm

Noook 3 2200 mm

Noook 3 1600 mm

Noook 3 1140 mm

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